Fees and Insurance

If you would like to use your insurance benefits I will submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance company. In order to submit the claim I will need you to provide your insurance information and to authorize me to bill your insurance on the payment agreement form. This form is available under the Client Forms page on this site.

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to call your insurance company, the number is on the back of your insurance card, to know your benefits and to get prior authorization, if needed. Some, but not all, insurance companies require a pre-authorization and will give you an authorization number to present to me at the first session. If this is required by your insurance, and you do not obtain the authorization number, you may incur charges that your insurance company will not pay. Therefore, you would be responsible to pay for those charges. I am a network provider with many insurance companies. Contact your insurance company to confirm that I am a network provider, or if the plan allows out-of-network benefits.


You may also be required to meet a deductible. It is always a good idea to know your deductible because if you have not met your deductible you may pay more out of pocket expenses until that deductible is satisfied. Your insurance company can answer any questions you may have regarding your deductible. You are responsible for all costs not paid by your insurance including copayments, coinsurance, cancellation fees or any service not covered by your insurance.


In order to serve current clients, and accept new clients, it is important that clients keep their scheduled appointments or give AT LEAST 24 hours notice if they must cancel an appointment. There is a $50 late cancel or missed appointment fee. A late cancel is any appointment not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. A missed appointment is an appointment not cancelled or kept. Remember, you may have waited weeks to get an appointment, or you may have been put on a waiting list if you had to reschedule. Giving at least 24 hours notice allows other clients to access service, and helps me to keep my costs lower. I understand that emergencies happen and a fee may be waived in some circumstances. From time to time, I myself may need to cancel due to illness, weather, or an emergent situation. I will also work to give you as much notice as I can if I need to cancel your appointment.