I accept referrals from physicians, attorneys, teachers, family members, friends and insurance companies, just to name a few sources. Often community members may wish to apprise me of a situation that is of some concern to them. I am happy to listen to the concerns of others, within appropriate context and limitations, but may be limited in terms of what I can divulge.

Make a Referral

If you are a medical, legal or mental health professional and you would like to make a referral please contact me by phone, or via encrypted email.

Release of Information

If you have a release of information form signed by a client, and you wish to collaborate, please fax or email the consent form and I will be happy to collaborate further.

I cannot release information about a client without valid informed consent to include a release of information with language discussing the purpose or reason for the disclosure, risks related to disclosure, limits of confidentiality, and client’s right to refuse or withdraw consent. If I need to refer a client to another professional with specialized knowledge or expertise, or for another reason determined by myself or the client, I will work with the client and the other professional to ensure pertinent information is provided to support effective treatment, or an orderly transfer of services.